Senior, for real

How does BossaBox ensure high seniority of professionals?

Understand why BossaBox really manages to allocate the best professionals for each project, unlike other suppliers that promise the same thing but do not deliver.

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Senior, for real

How does BossaBox ensure high seniority of professionals?

Understand why BossaBox really manages to allocate the best professionals for each project, unlike other suppliers that promise the same thing but do not deliver.

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Prolancer Model

At BossaBox, we understand that the key to ensuring excellent deliveries lies in hiring truly senior professionals. Our approach is not just about finding talent, but about connecting the right skills with the exact needs of each project. By carefully selecting each Squad, we ensure that the professionals not only have the necessary experience, but also a cultural and technical alignment with the project, which is essential for the success of the deliveries. 

We adopt the term "Prolancer" to elevate freelancing to a new level, perfectly tailored to the needs of today's technology sector. "Prolancer" is a combination of "professional" and "freelancer", highlighting not only the independence of freelance work, but also a level of specialization, experience, and seniority. These are professionals who completely dedicate themselves to carefully selected projects aligned with their skills and interests.

While hiring freelancers may seem like a good choice due to flexibility and reduced cost, choosing Prolancers brings a range of additional advantages that truly make a difference.

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By mediating through BossaBox, we guarantee a series of benefits such as:

  1. Rigorous Validation: Each Prolancer is rigorously assessed for their technical skills and interpersonal competencies before being accepted into our network. This ensures that only the best and most reliable professionals are highlighted for your project.

  2. Integrated Management: BossaBox manages all aspects of Prolancers' work, from onboarding to ongoing support, ensuring that they seamlessly integrate into client teams and adhere to project schedules and standards.

  3. Flexibility with security: While we offer the flexibility to adapt the team as project needs change, each Prolancer is contractually committed to BossaBox, providing stability and reducing the risk of discontinuity.

  4. Specialization and focus: Prolancers are selected based on the alignment of their specific skills with the project's needs. This means that they not only understand the technology, but also its practical application within the specific project context.

In addition, our Prolancing model ensures that each professional remains highly engaged and interested by involving them in projects that truly harness and value their specific skills and contributions.

Selection Criteria for Squads at BossaBox

At BossaBox, Squad composition is based on a set of rigorous criteria designed to ensure that each team not only meets, but exceeds project expectations. These criteria include:

  1. Relevant experience: We select professionals who not only demonstrate a deep understanding of the required technologies, but also have a track record of applying these skills in similar contexts to the project. This means evaluating not only technical mastery in specific stacks, but also the ability to integrate these technologies to solve complex problems and drive innovation.

  2. Experience segment: We prefer professionals who have experience in market segments or types of projects similar to the current demand. This familiarity with the specific sector ensures a deeper understanding of challenges and nuances, allowing the team to anticipate problems and offer solutions more tailored to the client's needs.

  3. Similarity of applications: We assess how professionals' past experiences align with the types of applications the project demands. This includes an analysis of the professional's portfolio to identify previous projects that share similarities with the technical and business objectives of the current project.

  4. Behavioral and cultural profile: It is crucial that there is harmony between the professional's values and the client company's culture. Cultural affinity can significantly influence work dynamics and collaboration between the team and the client. We use behavioral interviews and assessment tools to ensure that each team member not only fits in technically, but also shares the client's values and work practices.

  5. Previous experience and performance time: We consider the professionals' career trajectory, prioritizing those with a proven track record of successful delivery in similar projects. Performance in previous projects, especially those under BossaBox's supervision, provides a valuable indicator of the professional's ability to meet and exceed expectations in challenging environments.

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Each of these criteria is evaluated through a selection process that includes technical interviews, portfolio analyses, and cultural fit sessions. This not only ensures that the selected professionals are the most technically and culturally fit, but also that they are aligned with the long-term strategic goals of our clients. 

This rigorous approach is what allows us to assemble Squads that are best prepared to face the specific challenges of each project, ensuring high-quality deliveries and fostering a successful and surgical partnership.

Ensuring Operational Excellence

To ensure that each project runs efficiently and without interruptions, BossaBox assigns an experienced manager to each initiative. This manager acts as a crucial link between the client and the Prolancer team, being responsible for the coordination of all project elements. This includes strict compliance with deadlines, maintaining delivery quality standards, as well as ensuring fluid and constant communication with all involved parties.

In addition, we implement a robust feedback loop that allows for quick and effective adjustments. After each stage of the project, we hold retrospective meetings to discuss what was delivered, what went well, and what can be improved, thus ensuring continuous improvement of processes and products.

Our commitment does not end with the project delivery. Our goal is to build lasting and productive relationships. For this, we maintain an open communication channel for post-delivery support, allowing any subsequent issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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