Performance guarantee

How does the performance guarantee work?

Discover how BossaBox contractually guarantees efficiency and quality of the Squads it allocates.

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Performance guarantee

How does the performance guarantee work?

Discover how BossaBox contractually guarantees efficiency and quality of the Squads it allocates.

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How do we measure and ensure performance? 

The choice to outsource technology squads comes with a series of challenges, with performance being one of the main concerns for technology and product leadership. 

At BossaBox, we understand that performance means more than simply delivering tasks, it encapsulates efficiency, quality, and effectiveness. In other words, crucial elements that significantly increase the chances of project success. 

We adopt a dual strategy, combining quantitative and qualitative analyses to offer a robust performance guarantee. 

In the quantitative approach, we use DORA metrics, developed by the DevOps Research and Assessment Institute and currently administered by Google. They are:

  1. Lead time: The time it takes for a change to be implemented from development to production. 

  2. Deployment frequency: The regularity with which updates are implemented. 

  3. Change-failure rate: The failure rate of changes that are implemented in production. 

  4. Time to restore service: The speed to recover from incidents in production. 

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For qualitative analysis, we use Developer Research, which evaluates the satisfaction of developers, the efficiency of interactions, and the quality of collaborations. In other words, satisfaction, well-being, communication, and collaboration in the team. This approach helps us understand and improve the human and social factors that impact performance

How it works in practice: If the team's performance does not achieve the guaranteed performance in two consecutive sprints after the initial adaptation period, the client will not face penalties. As compensation, credit sprints equivalent to the number of underperforming sprints will be granted to ensure the delivery of expected results without extra costs to the buyer.

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How do we guarantee quality and efficiency in deliveries? 

To ensure that quality and efficiency are maintained in each delivery, we start with a clear and precise alignment of expectations with each client. It may seem obvious, but this alignment allows us to direct the squad's efforts effectively, understanding and clearly defining success indicators from the beginning. 

We use tools to collect, integrate, and visualize data, creating a dynamic control panel that is carefully monitored by our Professional Services team. This team consists of specialists who not only manage but continuously optimize performance, ensuring adherence to all aspects of the contract. For this, we use:

  • Google Data Studio: We connect Google Big Query to Data Studio to bring the Control Panel to life, allowing our Tech Manager to monitor the team's performance continuously and in detail.

  • Slack: We send weekly communications about the team's metrics, keeping everyone informed and engaged with the project's objectives.

This Professional Services team consists of specialists who not only manage but continuously optimize performance, ensuring adherence to all aspects of the contract. Our control panel allows us a reactive approach, reducing our reaction time and minimizing the impacts of any issues that may arise.

How is the performance optimization process done?

The continuous analysis of DORA metrics and DevResearch feedback, along with our advanced monitoring capabilities through the Tech Capabilities, allows us to identify and resolve any issues quickly before they become significant bottlenecks.

The DORA Core Model highlights the interaction between DORA metrics and the concept of Tech Capabilities, which are fundamental skills for effective implementation of the DevOps culture. 

These capabilities are considered essential because, according to studies, they significantly contribute to superior software delivery performance and improve the developers' experience. Tech Capabilities act as a guide to identifying the root causes of performance problems. In addition, the issues detected by DevResearch often relate to one or more of these essential capabilities. They include:

  • Code Maintainability: The ability to write code that is easy to maintain and modify, ensuring that future updates or fixes are implemented swiftly.

  • Documentation Quality: Practices that ensure high-quality documentation, essential for new team members or long-term maintenance.

  • Test Automation: Development of automatic tests that accompany the entire software lifecycle, facilitating early detection of failures.

  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration: Continuous implementation of new features or updates, and automated code integration to streamline the development process.

  • Database Change Management: Efficient management of database changes, crucial for data integrity and security.

  • Deployment Automation: Automation of deployment processes to production, reducing the risk of human errors and speeding up the release time.

  • Flexible Infrastructure: The ability to adapt and scale the infrastructure as needed, supporting both demand peaks and expansions.

  • Loosely Coupled Architecture: Designing systems with flexible coupling, allowing changes and integrations without major upheavals.

  • Monitoring and Observability: Robust monitoring and observability to ensure real-time visibility into system performance, facilitating prompt intervention in case of problems.

DORA core model

These capabilities are essential for maintaining software development agility and resilience, allowing BossaBox not only to react to market changes, but to anticipate needs and adapt its strategies proactively

Why do we guarantee performance? 

BossaBox's performance guarantee is not merely aspirational, but based on real market needs. We understand that: 

  1. Credibility and trust are vital: Our clients trust us to scale their operations quickly without compromising quality. The performance guarantee ensures that we are aligned with their delivery and results expectations. 

  2. Direct impact on business results: High-performance squads influence business results, not only through technical delivery, but also through the innovative impact they provide. 

Additionally, we differentiate ourselves by aligning our incentives directly with our clients' success. Unlike the traditional model of billing by hours, which often encourages overbilling and may discourage speed in deliveries, we choose a more adaptive approach. 

We also avoid the closed scope model, which, despite guaranteeing the complete delivery of requirements, may not be sufficiently flexible to respond to changing needs, resulting in solutions that do not correspond to dynamic market expectations. Instead, we adopt a strategy that allows adjustments and realignments as needed, ensuring that our deliveries are always the most suitable and valuable for our clients, accurately reflecting their evolving needs.

Each project comes with its unique set of challenges and expectations. Therefore, our commitment goes beyond the fulfillment of technical requirements. Unexpected events are inevitable, but our approach is predictive, allowing us to quickly resolve any issues that arise. And in the event that an incident is not promptly resolved, we ensure that it does not impact the client in any way.

We always seek to adapt processes to align with the specific dynamics and cultures of each client, ensuring not only integration, but a true strategic partnership.

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